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5 Most Common Car Accidents in Miami Florida

If you live in Southern Florida, then join this ride into the 5 most common car accidents in Miami, Florida. Before the ride starts, you may want to get a grip on important facts about accident statistics for this city of the Sunshine State:

The year 2007 recorded some of the highest numbers of car accidents in Florida, with over 700 car crashes daily. Miami accounted for the highest percentage. The leading cause of these collisions is usually careless driving. The most complex accidents always result in life-threatening injuries and the resultant cases can be disturbing.

Here now are the five most common car accidents in Miami, Florida;

1. Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions occur when the front ends of two cars collide while the two are moving in opposite directions. These accidents are largely dangerous especially since the amount of force involved on impact is extremely massive. Even though the front bumpers of the cars can absorb some of the collision force, high speeds and poorly lit roads will always mean that either of the drivers or even both will not have enough time to react and avoid the collision.

Distraction of drivers is the greatest cause of head-on collisions. There are many things that can lead to driver distraction, such as driving while talking on phone. Teenage drivers in particular feature among the most distracted drivers, mainly because they often drive with other teens in the car thus creating the perfect environment for little concentration.

While seat belts & air bags help to reduce the effects of head-on collisions, victims still suffer hard-hitting injuries such as brain & spinal cord damages, fractures, paralysis, and even loss of life.

2. Rear-end collisions

Accidents to do with rear-end collisions often happen when the front end of one car hits the rear of the car in front. Perhaps the fortunate side of these accidents is that they normally occur at low speeds, though sometimes the impact can lead to serious injuries to the occupants of both cars.

While there are numerous causes of rear-end collisions, inattentiveness amongst drivers is the greatest cause. Others include poor vision due to bad whether, talking on phones, reading text messages on phones, checking emails etc. Evidently, most rear-end collisions that are experienced daily can be prevented if drivers can refrain from engaging in activities that distract them.

3. Drunk-driving

Drunk-driving related accidents in Miami are quite common especially during nights. They tend to increase in numbers starting Friday evening as people begin to get into the weekend mood. The saddest thing about drunk-driving is that it can cause a lot of emotional turmoil when victims discover that they have been hit by drunk drivers.

Drunk-driving in Miami, Florida can be particularly fatal; no wonder the city was ranked third overall in the country for both adult and under-age drivers, as per 2009 figures from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It’s also documented that in the same year, intoxicated drivers in Miami caused over 700 fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Despite such scary statistics, it is always important to know that car accidents resulting from drunk-driving are 100% preventable by doing simple things like asking a friend to drive or simply taking a taxi.

4. Hit & Run

Hit and run car accidents in Miami, Florida have always been rated among the most devastating car accidents on the roads of Miami. Victims suffer trauma in addition to the physical injuries that hit them. The trauma is normally caused by the knowledge that the driver who hit them simply ran away and left them to suffer. The picture of another driver injuring you then running away is a disturbing scene that may never leave the victims’ mind so easily.

The anxiety that comes from the fact that you really do not know whom to hold accountable for the accident is so overwhelming. Think of a situation where someone hits you and you are not able to get hold of them and have them even make an apology leave alone paying for expenses such as medical bills, car damages, and compensation for the loss of loved ones. It truly hurts.

5. Collision at highway intersections

Miami enjoys a great number of intersections that join to the national highway grid. It is not thus surprising that many car accidents happen in road junctions. Speeding vehicles often find it hard to veer when they reach an intersection thus causing accidents that lead to traffic snarl-ups. The simplest cause other than speeding is usually ignorance of neon signs and turns that lead to side-way collisions by oncoming vehicles.

No matter the magnitude or frequency, all these car accidents in Miami are a source of pain and sorrow for the victims and loved ones. There is hope though in the form of compensation that should be borne by those who are found to have caused the accidents.

However, victims need the assistance of competent Private Investigators (PI) to establish who caused the accident and thus hold them responsible for any monetary compensation that would be required. Contact a team of personal injury attorneys today for legal advice and representation.