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5 Things You Should Not Do After an Auto Accident in Miami

The city of Miami Florida is one of the most famous in the world when it comes to tourism, and you will find that almost everyone has a vehicle, including tourists. It is not surprising then to hear that the city’s car accident attorneys carry numerous court briefs surrounding personal injury, death and property damage, per annum.

A car accident is a very nasty experience with the potential to ruin your entire day: you could miss work, an important appointment, and even a peace of mind. You will also have to deal with auto damages, liability, traffic police scrutiny and personal injuries in the unfortunate cases. It is something you do not wish to experience as a person or family, but that is only a wish.

While modern cars are safer than the older generation, you still need to be careful. Statistics have shown that each car somehow gets involved in at least one accident in its lifetime. When this unlucky day comes, there are things you should do and others you should never do.

Here now are 5 things you should not do after a car accident in Miami. They are for your safety, and anyone else involved in the accident.

1. Don’t leave the accident scene
Sometimes you will be involved in a minor accident where no one seems to be injured. You may be tempted to decide that there is no need to hang around; so you drive away. It does not matter whether the accident is a mild or a fatal one; you have to stop, check on the other driver or pedestrian, share insurance details and report the accident to the nearest traffic police office.

Walking away is tantamount to committing a crime. Even when doing so in order to avoid blocking traffic, chances are that when you leave abruptly, you will take the blame for wrongful death, personal injuries and hit & run situations. If you hit the road soon after being involved in a car crash,  the traffic authorities in Florida  will bar your license. You may also have to pay for damages for ignoring crime scene rules.

2. Don’t block other cars especially at intersections
If you get involved in an intersection collision, commonly known as T-bone, which is where a speeding driver wrongfully hits a vehicle coming from another road, you should not just stay put watching the traffic pile up. This way you will attract blockage charges. Instead, request for a towing truck to evacuate you from the scene. Place the Life-saver sign just a few meters behind your vehicle to ensure that other drivers do not run blindly into your car. In short, never let other drivers find your car a nuisance by blocking the road.

3. Don’t keep quiet on a crash that involves casualties
If you  keep off the police department after being involved in a crash that leads to individual casualties, then you will suffer more charges than what you will incur if you inform the county police to investigate the scene. If the auto crash leads to significant destruction of personal assets like buildings of over $500, then you should send word to the nearest traffic office. Other authorities that can assist you include the sheriff and the state’s patrol unit.

4. Don’t fail to attend a TSAC lesson after a court demands it
One of the unavoidable routines after a Miami accident is that of police investigations into the cause of the crash. In most cases, it is usually one or both of the drivers who are to blame. In this case they may revoke your driving license for a while until you bring a  finished Traffic Collision Avoidance Course  certificate that details how you have carried forth the lessons.

Points to consider after such a car crash scenario in Miami, Florida include finishing the TSAC lessons in order to ensure that you get your license to get back to the highway within the grace period.

5. Don’t lose your calm
It is never a trifling thing to be involved in a car accident especially if you are not on the wrong but the other driver is. You will be tempted to rush to the other driver and start a row. Take a few breathes to keep your cool. Walk to the other driver and ask him/her if they are alright. This is the right form of mind you need to examine the situation and deal with it the right and safe way.

Always get a competent PI
If you get involved in a traffic accident in Miami Florida, it is best that you do not ignore the legal guidelines. You may also need to inform your insurance providers, especially those who provide Personal Injury Protection to buffer you against medical implications that attend each car crash situation.